What happened at Elbsides (BSides in Hamburg) 2019

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What happened at Elbsides (BSides in Hamburg) 2019

If you work in InfoSec in northern Germany you have been there… or sooner or later you will. There isn’t too much else going on in InfoSec here :slight_smile:

Elbsides 2019


Elbsides 2019 was a cosy conference at the 16th of September 2019 in a hotel in downtown Hamburg. Presentations, “Häppchen” and workshops.

Since it was 200m from where I work it was too far away to attend, but I blog about it anyways… of course.

Richard and I contributed with a little 4h workshop titled Introduction to Binary Reversing and Exploitation with radare2. People showed up for real :slight_smile: Thank you!

I think the proceedings will be released soon[tm]. I am also going to release a Wiki section about C++ reverse engineering with Ghidra / r2 and some other tools.


In case you missed it, put it in the calendar for next year. Local security events add good foundations to the community and are a way to contribute. Whether it’s BSides, Elbsides or Easterhegg.