Using Discourse as a Wiki / Knowledge Base - improvements

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Discourse theme-components add new features

Since a couple of months Discourse supports theme-components, which essentially are repositories with design components. These can be added to the existing theme independently, similar to a frontend plugin.

Wiki now has a tag-based sidebar and search view

The Wiki category now has got knowledge-base functions that are easily accessible.

The plugin can be found here:

This is more intuitive than the default forum-based category display, given that the category is sorted by creation date. This is the chosen default because this is an InfoSec wiki. Things in this industry change rapidly I hear. And yes… I receive your complaints :slight_smile:

Sidebar functions now with automated table of contents

I improved my sidebar hacks. On the left side, you can see the major categories. On the right side, an automatically generated table of contents will be shown for more blog and wiki entries once I updated the content.

This way it should be easy to navigate to the relevant paragraph quickly enough.


I think at this point in time I favor Discourse as a knowledge base over Confluence and Media Wiki. Until recently adapting and theming Discourse was much harder.