My top 5 eLearning video courses for Q1 2017

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It's eLearning time

One of the important point most people in infosec do not get is, that you need to be ahead of “the curve”. In order to provide security focus and insights, that is. Building up a decent understanding takes time, and having it sooner than later allows you to take part in development processes. In general, that is.

Security courses and certifications are an important aspect of unifying the collective learning and development. Speaking the same language, sharing the same understanding - that’s how it goes. Sometimes you also have to leave the established “borders” of the domain, in order to extend it. It’s very easy to stay in the “this is my security” comfort zone. But this zone can rapidly shrink, if you don’t position it correctly.

In the following I list the top 5 courses I look into these days. I have not finished them yet. But 2017 has just started. I think that it’s relevant stuff, which interests many people. The skills are also highly demanded.

(1 and 2) Deep Learning / Machine Learning - to get trends and forecasts

Currently I am doing a couple of these courses. These are not entry-level, in most cases. - People try to do ML / DL, without Computer Science and / or math skills. Some try to get into “the tools”, but I cannot recommend that. Because you need to understand the results, and in order to be able to do this you need to be able to estimate with the algorithms.

Hint: you can get these for 20 USD each. At no point did I pay 120 USD per course. There are newsletters and coupon codes.

Also Udemy has apps, which allow you do download the courses for offline learning. That is very practical in a plane. Especially with a noise-cancellation headset.

Bayesian Machine Learning in Python: A/B Testing

I recommend this one, because A/B testing is very important for data-analysis, in all domains.

A/B testing is used everywhere. Marketing, retail, newsfeeds, online advertising, and more.
A/B testing is all about comparing things.

Data Science: Practical Deep Learning in Theano + TensorFlow

I was kind of hyped for this. Theano and Tensorflow are very practical approaches.

You will also learn about momentum, which can be helpful for carrying you through local minima and prevent you from having to be too conservative with your learning rate. You will also learn about adaptive learning rate techniques like AdaGrad and RMSprop which can also help speed up your training.

(3) Search servers - custom search tools means you can do targeted analysis

Most people do not do much with Elasticsearch. They setup the DB, pipe in logs via Logstash, and make some string text searches with Kibana. That’s not how you make the most of it. Sure, for a system administrator that can be a challenge, but not for an engineer.

I started this course recently, and it looks very good.

  • Build custom search filters that help you with advanced data search
  • Get to grips with the best practices for separating out the structure of an AngularJS application into its various components
  • Add a bit more to your search server by applying relevancy tuning and addressing security concerns

I am not a JS expert, but I think AngularJS is very relevant. I use it for a couple of custom dashboards. The combo with Elasticsearch and ML / DL libs is very promising. I can surface the result sets, and investigate them easily, and use something like Tableau or Kibana to make visualizations.

(4) Learn OAuth 2.0 - Get started as an API Security Expert

You might be surprised, but there are many people who do not fully understand OAuth and use OAuth libraries to implement authentication services. API security is not a simple topic, especially when it comes to the details of access roles and delegation strategies.

You believe OAuth is complicated? OAuth may seem complex with flows and redirects going back and forth. This course will give you clarity by introducing the seemingly complicated material by many illustrations. These illustrations clearly show all the involved interaction parties and the messages they exchange.

This course is easier than the others, and has got pretty illustrations and gfx.

(5) 3D Programming with WebGL and Babylon.js for Beginners

I picked this because I like pretty things. WebGL seems to be a good way to create that.

Create Babylon.js apps
Understand the role of WebGL in current and future web development
Use WebGL in their existing web development projects


There are useful courses: on Machine Learning and Deep Learning, on Elasticsearch and making better use of it, on OAuth, on WebGL… If you travel, check them out. It’s much easier to follow a video than reading a book in the plane. Fly safe.