Hackrf and VMware? USB 3? How fast?

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Does that work?

VMware Workstation 12 has USB 3 support. Something which the hackrf needs to function properly with a high enough sample rate. I have tested the USB 3 transfer rate between the host and an Arch Linux guest.

Host and guest specs

The host is a Windows 8.1 (updated) with VMware Workstation 12(1.1). The mainboard (which has got the USB controller) is a Gigabyte G1 Sniper B5. Is has an Intel® 8 Series/C220 Series USB controller.

The guest kernel is 4.6.4-1-ARCH, just the core/linux package. I activated USB 3.0 for the guest:

On the right side you can see the option. On the left you can see the output of hackrf_transfer -r /dev/null -s 25000000. Now 25 msps is a little bit over the top for a device specified for maximally 20. But we can see that high USB transfer rates are possible for Linux guests in VMware.


A dual-boot or booting a Linux Live environment is not required to work with a hackrf. VMware works fine, in this test. Over 21 msps is more than reasonable.